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With wide range of flora and fauna India is among the top wildlife tourism destinations of the world. Since the "Project Tiger" and conservation policy increased number of reserve forest, bird sanctuaries and National parks are favoring the eco friendly tourism. Climatic conditions of the country are also favorable for many species of migrating birds, which proves additional tourist attraction.  All the Wildlife destination are arranged in alphabetical order with state name. Information about how to reach is included in static's column in the form of nearest Airport, Railway and Road.

National Park / Reserves / Bird Sanctuaries Static's Prime Attractions
Kishanpur Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh *Area: 227

*Airport: Lucknow *Rail station: Mailani *Road: connected with all major cities of state.

*Tiger, Leopard & Swamp Deer
Madhav Nantional Park, Shivpuri Madhya Pradesh. *Area: 156 sq. km.

*Visit: Any time during the year.

* was the private shooting reserve of the Maharaja of Gwalior till 1958.

* Air Port: Gwalior *Rail Station: Jhansi *Road: State Road Trasport Buses and Taxies .


* Deer, Chinkara, Nilgai, Sambar, Chausingha or four-horned Antelope, Blackbuck, Sloth Bear, Leopard.

*Birds: Red Wattled Lapwing, Large Pied Wagtail, Pond Heron and White - Breasted Kingfisher

 Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh *Area: 20 sq. km.

*Pleasure Visit Time October to June

* Visitor can approach here from Hyderabad at the distance of approx. 150 km.  

* Species found: Catla, Rahu, Murrel, Ech Paten, Karugu, Chidwa,Painted Storks, Herons, Coots, Teals, Cormorants, Pochards, Black and
White Ibises, Spoon Bills, Open Billed Storks etc.
Marine National Park Jamnagar Gujrat. *Area : 458 sq. Km.

*Location: Gulf of Kutch

* Just 30 km from Jamnagar city which has own airport & rail station.

* First park in the country for aquatic wild life.

*Four-horned Antelope found only here

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