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With wide range of flora and fauna India is among the top wildlife tourism destinations of the world. Since the "Project Tiger" and conservation policy increased number of reserve forest, bird sanctuaries and National parks are favoring the eco friendly tourism. Climatic conditions of the country are also favorable for many species of migrating birds, which proves additional tourist attraction.  All the Wildlife destination are arranged in alphabetical order with state name. Information about how to reach is included in static's column in the form of nearest Airport, Railway and Road.

National Park / Reserves / Bird Sanctuaries Static's Prime Attractions
Aralam Wild life sanctuary  Kerala *Area: 55 sq. km.

* Visit in the rainy months of June - August is not advisable.

* Airport: Kozhikode [110 km.] *Rail station: Thalassery * Road: Kannur and Thalassery are nearest cities. 

* Forest: Tropical evergreen & costal semi ever green.

*Fauna: Deer, Boar, Elephant, Leopard, Wild cat & various types of Squirrels.

Balpakaram National Park Meghalaya * Area: 200 sq. km.

*Visiting Season: April to June

How to reach: Only by road travel of abt. 170 km from Tura. Regular Helicopter service from Shilong and Guwahati, which is also nearest railway station are available.

* Paradise for the lovers of eco tourism.

* Hot favorite spot of naturalist, botanists and zoologist as the bio diversity of the country is at best of visibility.

Bandipur National Park Chamarajanagar, Karnataka * Area: 865

* Visiting Season: Throughout the year except mansoons

*Airport: Bagalore [abt. 200 km.] *Railway: Mysore [abt. 60km.] *Road: Well connected by state transports buses bound to Otty from Mysore.

Tiger, leopard, elephant, sloth bear, gaur, sambar (deer) .

Reptiles: King cobra, common cobra, rat snake, water snake, marsh crocodile

Birds: stork, falcon, sandpiper, woodpecker [in all over 200 spices]

Bannerghatta National Park Bangalore Karnataka * Area: 104 sq. km.

*Visiting Season: throughout the year

* Airport: Bangalore *Railway: Bangalore *Road: Just abt. 20 km. from the Bangalore

*Panthers, Lions, Tigers

*Zoological Garden

*Trekking: Uddigebande (3.5 kms.) Hajjamana Kallu (3 kms.) and Mirza Hill (1.5 kms.)

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