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With wide range of flora and fauna India is among the top wildlife tourism destinations of the world. Since the "Project Tiger" and conservation policy increased number of reserve forest, bird sanctuaries and National parks are favoring the eco friendly tourism. Climatic conditions of the country are also favorable for many species of migrating birds, which proves additional tourist attraction.  All the Wildlife destination are arranged in alphabetical order with state name. Information about how to reach is included in static's column in the form of nearest Airport, Railway and Road.

National Park / Reserves / Bird Sanctuaries Static's / How to reach Prime Attractions
Hemis National Park, Leh,  Jammu Kashmir *Area: 600 sq. km.

*Visiting Season : May to October

*Airport : Srinagar *Railway: Jammu Tavi *Road: regular Bus service from Lah to park

*Protected Cold desert area.

*Animals: snow Leopard, Tibetan wild or Kiang, Ibex, serow and Tibetan antelope.

* Dry forests of Juniper, Birch, Fir & Alpine grasslands .

* Leh will be the base stay.


Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala *Area: 77 sq. km.

* Visiting season November to March

* Airport : Cochin *Rail Station: Kottayam *Road: a well defined state road web is there to take the visitor into sanctuary. 


* Forest: Tropical semi-evergreen and deciduous

*Elephant, Langur Leopard.

*Birds: Jungle Fowl, Myna, Laughing Thrush, Black Bulbul, Peafowl, Woodpecker, Kingfisher etc

Indravati National Park, Dantewada, Chhatisgad *Area:  Approx. 2800 sq. km

* Best Visiting Time : Mid December to Mid June

*Airport : Raipur *Rail Stations: Jagdalpur [150km] *Road: travel facilities available from  Raipur the capital city of state and Jagdalpur.

* Tiger Reserve, other animals: Wild buffalos, Chital, Barking Deer, Nilgai, Gaurs.

*Most endangered species such as Wild Buffalos and Hill Mynas.

*Trees: Sal, Teak and Bamboo.

Jim Corbett National Park / Tiger Reserve  Uttaranchal *One among the first of oldest wildlife reserve of India established in 1936 on land over 52,000 hectors as Haily National Park & renamed as Corbett National Park in 1957.

*This is the place where on 1st April 1973 "Project Tiger"  was Launched in India.

* Recently in news [for shooting of Hindi movie "Kaal"] park remains open through out the year.

*Airport: Pantnagar *Rail Station: Ramnagar * Site have good road links with Delhi, Lucknow & other major cities. 

* Prime attractions of the park are Tiger, elephant and the big wild cat- Leopard.

*Moist deciduous forest have Sal, Chir Pine, Shisham & Khai trees.

* Beside chital, Para, barking deer & Kakka- the four spices of deer, visitor can have look at Himalayan Black beer,the sloth Bear, Jackal and other wild mammals from the back of Elephant.

* A large number of migratory birds can be observed here during the winter, in all the number of bird spices of Corbett park goes in the vicinity of 600.

*Apart from the wildlife attractions tourist can go for Dikhala for a panoramic view of valley, Museum for life of Jim Corbett & Girja Devi temple, a rock temple just 14 km away.

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