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History of human tendency of being travel was started with the search of food and shelter, went under the use of animals after the invention of wheel but still as all this affair was time consuming [baring a few divine personalities and Hindu Gods] hence human beings were preferring to go on journey in absolute needs only.

Time has changed, knowledge of Vedic era, kept reserved for some specific human classes started to be utilized for the masses and enormous technological advancement resulted in introduction of high speed vehicles for common human beings and this has not only made the human beings more frequent traveler but also changed the purpose of journeys.

As in the modern times, we even tour just for the sack of fun and getting rid of pressures and tensions of our day to day office jobs and professional commitments hence we are in the most need of assistance during the traveling and at the tourist destinations, this has boosted the importance of travel agencies and travel planners for the tourism industry.

India being the country with huge variation on cultural, social, geographical and climatic fronts these establishments gets more specific and emphasized meaning for the tourists, as from planning and booking your journey tickets to local sightseeing at tourist destination, all is being cared by a single agency.

On these pages we are providing information about such establishments from India. The listing will go in alphabetical order of Indian city names, and will give details of services offered, address, Pre designed tours etc. and even activated link to website/ webpage of certain selective agencies.

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Tourist Accommodation: Indian Hotels

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The most important aspect of tourism, which bothers most and make the holiday comfortable and memorable for the visitor is the staying facilities available away from own home at an unknown, unfamiliar destination.

In India situations with reference to this are much more promising in comparison of many parts of the world because here one can find tourist homes and hotel matching with the life style and budget of tourists.

Another promising factor is that most of the hotels in India beside having kitchen to match diversified food habits and taste, offers a variety of in house services like, airport transfer, Laundry, Beauty parlor, assistance for local sight seeing etc. Even modern facilities like Wi Fi connectivity, international telephone, Tele fax, residential doctor, car rental, Jacuzzi Bath,  etc are also the part of services offered by the hotels from the smaller cities like Kolhapur.

Here again list of Indian hotels is arranged in alphabetical order in accordance of city names. Click here to locate a hotel .


Important Note: These listing are just a referral and available on line only to help the domestic and foreigner travelers. We "Team India Travel Fun" and associates neither endorse nor recommend any name appearing in this listing hence we can't be held responsible for any dispute/ legal action arose due to use of this listing . It is sole responsibility of visitors of this site to use these listings at own responsibility.



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