Incredible India: Tourist Spots and Places

India doesn't shows only the diversified life style, cultural and moral high standards, variety of spoken language, a considerable all together different  climatic conditions but also have a very rich, unique and a very distinct huge range of flora and fauna. Indian history is not younger the human history on the earth hence a good number of historical buildings and monuments are always proving a temptation for yet another tour to country.

Diversification in social life and religious faiths have made the human world of India a mini but true reflection and representation of global human world hence visitor here feels staying at home and enjoying the pleasure of visiting the nature.

India is the land, front runner on population growth and technological advancements. Tourism is the probably most vigorously growing faculty of the country, slowly but positively tourism infra structural facilities are speeding to match with the developed countries and world leaders like US, UK and Europe. Not only the roads have shaped into express ways and mega high ways but also the internal air travel facilities have touched new miles stones of success.

With so many historic buildings, forts, monuments and world heritage entries country is most ideal and suitable place for the tourism. with almost 6000 km, long coastal area India is with numerous beautiful and peaceful beaches to match with variety of human moods.

Religious diversity is the strong point of Indian societies hence here one can find a very huge attraction for visiting the places with religious importance. Temples of Khajuraho, Konark, Ajatha, Ellora, cave temples of Badami, Stup of Sanchi, Jain Temples and Golden Temple, the prime Gurudwara of Sikhism with the temple of Vaishnodevi and four Dhams [Char Dham Yatra] of Hindus are sufficient to prompt one to go for a religious tourism, which in true sense can be enjoyed only on Indian land.

We have divided the tourism world of India into heads like, just click the title to get all the necessary tourist information.

** Beaches
** Churches
** Forts and Monuments
** Gurudwara
** Hill Stations
** Masjid
** Temples
** Wild Life : National Parks, Bird Sanctuaries


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