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India is the land with very deep rooted religious roots, world's oldest knowledge books "Vedas" came in existence on this part of land. The ancient Vedic life style with time turned into Hinduism and subsequently Hindu religion and worship places of this religion are termed as  temple [mandir]. We are giving the list starting with famous Maharashtra pilgrimage Ashta Vinayak Temples of Lord Ganesha and inclusive of Jain Temples and temples of other religious faiths having origin with ancient Indian life style. All the temples are arranged in alphabetical order of names. We will appreciate your contribution with respect of historical part of these temples. In a few minutes of time you can add a temple to list just click on link provided at page bottom for the purpose.

Ashta Vinayak [Shree Ganesha] Temples

Ballelshwar Palli Maharashtra
Chintamani Theyor Maharashtra
Girijatmaj Lenyadiri Maharashtra
Maha Ganpati Rajhangaon Maharashtra
Moreshwar Moregaon Maharashtra
Sidheshwar Sidhtek Maharashtra
Sindhi Vinayak Mahad Maharashtra
Viganeshwar Ozhar Maharashtra


Adeeswar Temple Chennai Tamil Nadu
Aiyarappan Temple Thanjavur Tamil Nadu
Ajit Nath Temple Mehsana Gujrat
Akshar Dham Mandir Delhi N C R
Gandhinagar Gujrat
Char Dham Yatra
Pahalgam J & K [Jammu & Kashmir]
Amba Ji Temple Ambaji Gujrat
Ananthapura Lake Temple Kasargod Kerala
Aranya Devi Temple Patna Bihar
Ashvakranta Temple Guwahati Assam
Avantipur Avantipur J & K
Aughadnath Mandir Meerut Uttar Pradesh

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