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India is treated as the Hindu Nation but in fact this land shows true diversified religious faiths and according to Indian constitution all the citizen are having the same set of rights irrespective of their religious faith. During the time of rule by Mugul Dynasties, Portuguese and British, Islam & Christianity went under expansion on this part of land. The communal harmony expressed by Indians in day to day life is mater of jealousy for many other nations. Churches of Goa and some Islamic monuments of the country like Red Fort are part of UNESCO world Heritage list.

Ajmer Shrif Ajmer Rajasthan
Atala Masjid Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh
Begam Puri Masjid New Delhi NCR [National Capital Region]
Bibi Ka Maqbara Aurangabad Maharashtra
Big Mosque Chennai Tamil Nadu
Chauburji Masjid New Delhi N C R
Chhote Hazrat Ki Dargah Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh
Chirag-i-Delhi-Dargah New Delhi N C R
Dargah Of Baba Shah Muzaffar Aurangabad Maharashtra
Dargah of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar Panipat Haryana
Dargah Qutub Sahib New Delhi N C R
Dargah Hazarath Tawakkal Mastan Bangalore Karnataka
Deval Masjid Nizzamabad Andhra Pradesh
Gulbarga Fort Mosque Bijapur Karnataka
Haji Ali Dargah Mumbai Maharashtra
Haji Malang Dargah Kalyan Maharashtra
Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya New Delhi N C R
 Idgah New Delhi N C R
Jamali Kamali Mosque New Delhi N C R
Jamma Masjid Ahmedabad Gujrat
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh
Kurnool Andhra Pradesh
New Delhi N C R
Jami Masjid Agra Uttar Pradesh
Jumma Masjid Bijapur Karnataka
Gulbarga Karnataka

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