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With wide range of flora and fauna India is among the top wildlife tourism destinations of the world. Since the "Project Tiger" and conservation policy increased number of reserve forest, bird sanctuaries and National parks are favoring the eco friendly tourism. Climatic conditions of the country are also favorable for many species of migrating birds, which proves additional tourist attraction.  All the Wildlife destination are arranged in alphabetical order with state name. Information about how to reach is included in static's column in the form of nearest Airport, Railway and Road.

National Park / Reserves / Bird Sanctuaries Static's Prime Attractions
Chandaka Elephant Rreseve Bhubaneshwar Orissa *Area:

*Airport: Bhubaneshwar *Railway: Bhubaneshwar

*Elephants, Chital, Bear, Pea-Fowl & Sambar

* Best place for Eco tourism .

Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary, Puri, Orissa * Area: 1100 sq. km.

* Can visit any time of year but more worth will be between months October to March.

* Airport: Bhubaneshwar *Rail Station: Rambha & Balugaon *Road: Bus travel facility from Cuttak, Puri & Bhubaneshwar.

*Spotted Deer, Golden Jackals, Hyenas, Chilka Dolphins, Prawn, Crab.

*Best place for bird watching.

* Also see

Nalabana: Migratory birds in winter.
Kalijai: The abode of Goddess, Kalijai.
Satapada: Habitate of  famous Chilka Dolphins. Brahmaputra: Scenic beauty at the best.

Dachigam National Park, Jammu Kashmir *Area: 141 sq.  km. 

*Visiting Season: From  May to August [ Upper Region] & September to December [Lower Region] 

*Airport: Srinagar [22Km]*Railway: Jammu [315 Km.] *Road: State road transport buses, taxies, tourist vehicles

Endangered HANGUL species of the Deer, Black/ Brown Bear, Musk Deer, leopards.

Birds: Himalayan Monals,  Black Bulbuls, Orange Bullfinch, Tits.

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