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Incredible India Tourism

When one thought of piece of land related with great wonders, diversified cultural heritage, flora, fauna and distinguish different social customs and traditions accompanied with rich heritage and beyond to believe beautiful landscapes and historic monuments, surely only one name comes to mind, Bharat - Atulaniya Bharat- Incredible India.

India is the only land which deserve to be fit with the true definition of "treasure trove" with enormous partial or totally unexplored tourist spots with a long list of attractions for the travelers from all parts of the globe. The land is expanded into area of 3,287,590 sq km with land: 2,973,190 sq km and water: 314,400 sq km. 

Indian mountains and hill station are enriched with ingredients giving the feel of paradise to visitors. Exotic sea shores, beaches and back water are the places to go in one's memory for the life time. Wild life on this part of globe is the natural habitant of flora and fauna, diversified in true sense and in presence of 80 National parks, more than 20 Tiger reserves and about 450 sanctuaries it ease and comfort for the visitor to chose from the geographical locations most suited to him.

On the religious fronts from Kashmir to Kanniyakumari, a well illustrated list of places is offering a good choice option for the visitors with devotional attitude and on the pilgrimage. A rich number of forts and historic monuments is providing a good space of attraction for archeologist and those who wish to have reference and reflection of ancient human life on the earth.

Indian cities are fantastically live and a good mixture of ancient and modern life there is the prime attraction for the visitors. One can find here people running life under and influences of superstitions and blind faiths with a considerable population is being the slave of technologies. Lavish green natural and pollution free villages with multistory buildings and traffic loaded roads of the cities are sufficient to make one's visit here, an excited experience. Spicy food and hotels are making the tour to India an affordable one, as over night stay at any hotel ranges from Rs.100/- to few thousands [Present exchange rate is US$ 1=Approx. Rs.40/-] hence in the world travel map India occupy the top and prime place.

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