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Beside being a web concept visualiser, I am also an active blogger, who prefer to write on current happening, past Indian glory, cricket, tourism in India and something with the fragrance of humor. I blog on quite a few blogging site but my three blogs with regular update are

My Article World - Blog postings related with India

India Travel World - Blogs related with India Tourism, Cricket & Sports

Article World  - Blogs related to all aspects of life

as for as my blogging achievements are concerned, I was among top fifty bloggers in "The great Indian bloggers hunt" of and presently among the "Hall of Fame" members for this bloging & social networking site. My blogs are also nominated for blogging to fame in search of 9A listed global bloggers. A few articles written on environment were also published at The Verdict India online magazine.

Here I am giving links for some of my already published selective blog writing related with tourism in India and tourist places of the country. Just click the title to read the article in its totality.                                                
S. P .Sir.


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