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Geographically India lies on the north of equator and being water boundaries on almost from three sides, the land gets shape of peninsula and thus like the cultural and social life shows a diversified climatic conditions. Calendar year here three distinct seasons Summer from March to June when the mercury keep on rising to optimum of say up to 450 C in certain area, Monsoons [Rainy season] from mid June to September, It is overall a moderate rainfall land with some places with heavy rainfall. It is quit possible that at many web sites you might have information about the water merged roads and rail lines in this season but recent infra structural progress of the country has successfully deposited these situations with history to a larger extent. Winter which goes from October to February is the season to start with most pleasant point of mercury and keep on lowering to make it Chilly in true sense, during these months, in some parts of North India it is possible to have frozen water.

The Best Time
(Tourism Season)

Probably India is the only land where one can plan touring pleasure at any time of the year, though the Indian tourist season starts from October and goes till the end of June but pleasure of Rains in Kerala is not less than watching a snow fall in Himalaya during the winter. If you are coming for a long tour it will be advisable to complete travel in North India before the December and than go for the rest of India. Try to visit Kerala towards the May end, before going back to home with marvelous memories of enjoying the aerial water.

Dos & Don'ts

1. India is not different from other parts of the globe hence here also trusting a stranger might prove costly. Most of Indians are trust worthy, hospitable in nature and much concerned about national pride so you can feel comparatively safe but what is harm in taking precaution.  

2.Medical assistance in India is affordable in the most cases but in the extreme situations it become  a troublesome composition to get it without proper medical insurance.

3. As for as train and Air booking is concerned, internet facility "Online Reservation" is know available for the purpose so you can book all the tickets in advance. There are certain recognized service providers also who can assist you at nominal service charge so instead of asking a stranger take advantage of this.

4. Stay / accommodation in India, should not be a problem for the foreigner as there are so many hotels to meet with budget of every class. Avoid staying at private bungalows/Farm houses.

5.Money is among the prime temptations for the crime. Make sure you are not leaving your valuable articles/ Money unsafe even in your room at hotel.

6.Make a copy of important documents to carry with while keeping the original in the lock at hotel.

7. If you are under going regular intake of medicines it will be advisable to have appropriate stock with you because at certain place it might prove a time saving thing for you.


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