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Here we have arranged all the Indian Hill Station in alphabetical order of names of Indian Cities. These are the tourist destinations of India, where you not only get shelter from hot climatic conditions of summer but can enjoy the snow fall and winter sports. Beside being historical importance most of Indian Hill stations are with true exotic natural beauty with picturesque panoramic view of Valley down under. watching the sun rays coming through the milky white snow in some remote north Hill stations at the Sun Rise & Sun Set is a true life time memory. Walking in clouds and journey with mountain railway are making one under going heavenly pleasures. Considering the rich heritage and close relation with life, recently mountain railways of India has been included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.


Tourist Spot Location

Brief Description

How to Reach
Khandala - Lonawala West India Maharashtra Sahyadiri mountain range *Very Near to Mumbai famous for water falls and panoramic beauty.

*Jewel of Sahyadiri range.

* Khandala & Bhushi Lake, Karla- man made cave for Lord Buddha temple, The Bhaja caves & The reversing station point are few other tourist spots. 

Airport: Mumbai Pune *Rail: Both are train halts on Pune Mumbai route.

A good web of high ways & express ways connects the city with all major towns.

Kodiakanal South India  Palani Hills *Wooded slopes, Waterfalls and precipitous rocky outcrops are the identification marks for this summer resort.

*Situated at the height of 2100 meters from the sea level.

Airport :Coimbtore & Madurai

Kodai Road - at a distance of 80km is the nearest rail station.

A good network of roads connects the place with adjoining major cities.

Kufri North India Himachal Pradesh *Popular for hiking & trekking.

* Ideal for skiing in winter.

* Himalayan Nehru Park with number of birds & animals is must to visit.

Can reach only by road from Simla.
Kullu North India Himachal Pradesh *Derives name from Kulanthpitha meaning end of favorable conditions for the human habitant.

* Most Popular hill station among the Indian couples on honeymoon.

*Raghunath temple & Jagannathi devi temples are must to visit places.

Airport :Bhunter just 10km away from city.

Kalka & Chandigarh are the nearest rail stations.

Kullu have good road links with Delhi and other surrounding cities.

Heavenly Hilly Destination Which allows to feel reality of Dreams

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