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About:  Mumbai (Bombay)

Gateway of India - Mumbai

One among the most popular cities of the world Mumbai is known as the economic capital of the country. Budget figures of Mumbai are higher even than many Indian states. Mumbai being the home of Hindi movies is also known as the dream city. Though this coastal and island city is the capital city of Maharashtra state but in fact reflects  linguistic diversity of country in its true flavor as Mumbai have citizens from all parts of the country.  

How to reach Mumbai (Bombay) by Train

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is not just on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites but the busiest rail station on central railway. Beside this Western railway and Kokan railway also have originating trains from Mumbai.

How to reach Mumbai (Bombay) by Road

Mumbai have most effecting road links in the form of various National  & State highways along with Western and eastern express highway.

How to reach Mumbai (Bombay) by Air

Numerous connecting international and domestic flights are keeping the city airport busy round the clock.

Significant Tourist Attractions (spots) of Mumbai (Bombay)

Gate way of India
Juhu Beach
Nehru Planetarium
Elephanta Caves

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Art Gallery



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