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With long costal line India is the land with numerous sea shores, back waters and beaches. On this part of globe the number of conjunction points of land and marine water for which we are used to pronounce word sea shore or beach is many times higher than what have the fame or is known to us and this provides tourist to be the first on a virgin unexplored beach. India is the only land where tourist can find ample variety and scope for planning an all beach trip with interacting diversified customs, culture and traditions. Goa is the land of beaches and here one can go on holiday for 365 days. Kerala Beaches are calm and clean with picturesque natural surroundings. Many Indian beaches like Ganapatipule in Maharashtra, Konark and Puri in Orissa and Dawarka in Gujrat are associated with temples of various Hindu Gods hence they also helps visitor for a chance of looking in the ancient religious life of Indians. Marina beach of Chennai [Tamil Nadu] is the longest Asian beach. We had tried to include all famous and important beaches if we had missed any one visitors are invited to add a new beach to this list. For information about How to reach see the city list.



Brief Details
Kanyakumari Beach Tamil Nadu

*Rocky seashore of soft and golden sand. * splendid & spectacular sunrise and sunset.

Kollam Beach Kerala

*Awesome natural scenes to spellbound visitor. * Calm Cool Arabian Sea & back water beach.

Konark Beach Orissa * A place to come back to modernization after visiting world heritage site of historic Konark Temples. *Be aware of trick of sea water even if you are a good swimmer. *Illuminated water shadows of world heritage site "Sun Temple" is the delight of evening.
Kovalam Beach Kerala *Fusion of three beaches: Southern Light house beach, central Hawah Beach & Northen Samudra Beach.  * Palm planted shores and refreshing air makes this evening beach. *Undisputed most famous beach of Kerala.
Madh Island Beach Maharashtra *Beach of Mumbai *Favorite for lavish beach parties.
Mahaballipuram Beach Tamil Nadu

* A beach famous for sun bath and relaxation.

Manginapudi Beach Andhra Pradesh *Spectacular scenic beauty. *Health resort
Malpe Beach Karnataka *Boating way to st. Marry's island. * Good spot for family picnic.
Marari Beach Kerala

* A beach to described as only the work of brush of nature.

Maravanthe Beach Karnataka *Facility for water sports *Unparallel pleasure of driving on a costal road.
Marina Beach Tamil Nadu *12km long, one of longest beach of Asia, golden sand under the clear blue sea water. *Beach of sunrise & Sunset.

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