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Sun Temple - Konark - Orissa

Sun Temple - Konark This dedicated to God Sun, built in AD 1250 temple, which was included in World Heritages Sites of UNESCO in the year 1984 is situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal in eastern Indian state Orissa near the famous Hindu Pilgrimage city Puri. Konark Sun Temple is the best illustration of sculptural work and architectural excellence in the country. The Chariot of Surya Bhagwan have 24 wheels, two rows of 12 wheels on each side and seven horses are pulling the chariot. In fact this the graphical representation for the division of time, 2 rows are indicating two parts Day and Night of the day, 12 wheels are the 12 months of the years, 7 horses are the seven days of a week and 24 hours of day are being represented by total 24 number of wheels. 

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