Indian Cities: Panaji (Panjim)

About:  Panaji- Famous & most visited Tourist destination

Panaji - Vegetable ShopThis Mandavi river bank city, famous for distinct Portuguese architectural excellence, Churches, beaches is among the most visited tourist destinations of the world. Panjim is the capital city small but vibrant state Goa and a place where a clear fusion of glorious past and recent technological advancement is visible. In the local language "Kokani" word "Panaji" means "Land which never floods" and this was changed to "Panjim" by Portuguese. Historically city dates back to 11th century rulers "Kadamba Kings". As for the most of beaches of Goa are accessible from city hence Panjim is also known as "City of Beaches".

How to reach Panaji by Train

Kokan railways connects the city with other famous cities of country.

How to reach Panaji by Road

City have a very good network of roads for bus travel from various cities of Maharashtra and Karanataka state.

How to reach Panaji by Air

Panjim airport hosts some international and many domestic flights daily.

Significant Tourist Attractions (spots) of Panaji

Miramarg Beach

Panjim Market

Excursion - Goa by Night



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