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Kalinjar Fort - Uttar Pradesh

Kalinjar Fort - Uttar PradeshThis fort from Uttar Pradesh state with military architecture style is living evidence for artistic urge of Chandela kings. This fort looks awesome beautiful in its rocky and hilly back ground. This is an unparallel monument constructed in 7th Century by Kedar Burman. Many princely and majestic  buildings like Neelkanth Mahadev Temple [Shivalinga Cave], The palace of the Chandela prince Aman Singh and Venkat Behari Temple along with a number of water tanks or kunds,  are reflecting the creative imagination powers of Chandela dynasity. Hindu Puranas prove the existence of city in all the four Yugs, in Satyug [Kirtinagar], Tretayug [Madhyagarh], Dwaparyug [Singhalgarh] and in Kaliyuga [Kalinjar]. If we go by most ancient language Sanskrit "Kal" means time and "Jar" stands for destroying. According to Hindu mythology Lord Shiva is the destroyer and here is this fort there is temple of God Shiva.

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