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Borra Caves - Vishakhapatnam

Borra Caves - VishakhapatnamThese caves were officially discovered by famous British geologist William King some time around 1807, where as local legend, according to which once a local cowherd saw is grazing cow falling in a deep whole but when he looked into the whole he found his cow alive and  discovered these caves as there was "Shiv Lingam" and images of God Shiv and Goddess Parvati so this act of saving life of cows is considered as the merciful action of Lord Shiva.

These caves are the additional gift of nature to visitors of Araku Valley. 90 odd kms train journey through thickly vegetate eastern ghats from Vishakhapatnam which takes about 6 hours for reaching here is a heavenly experience, as this route is all the way enriched with breath taking beautiful landscapes, thrilling turnings on peaks and valleys with about 40 stunning tunnels.   

There is entrance fees for visitors of these caves stretched to  area of about 2 sq. km. More than sixty, Sodium vapour, halogen and mercury lamps used to provide light inside are making the interior, of these lime stone caves surrounded by mica, colourful and amazingly spectacular. 

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